See what you can do with an Onset in a day

Find out what you can achieve in 24 hours of print production with an Onset flatbed

Onset thrives on a broad range of applications

An Inca Onset can outrun any other flatbed printer. But indoor / outdoor display is just the beginning. The Onset is perfectly suited to a range of habitats – it unlocks new and profitable work for your business.

As well as producing work on standard production media like paper, board and pvc, you can also work with 3-D and packaging media, and industrial media including glass, wood, metal and plastics up to 50 mm thick.

How come? Onset is designed to take not-perfectly-flat media in its stride. Its powerful vacuum bed holds 40kg media at full speed (80kg at mid-pace). Precision engineering means accurate registration for 2-sided print. Media change-over takes seconds, so you can mix long-run jobs with bespoke one-offs.

So Onset has the appetite for almost any media and can perform a quick sprint or a long marathon – that’s flexibility.

From high-value short-run prints to conventional long runs, see how an Onset can handle all your print jobs in one  working day:

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