Acuity Select

Outstanding quality UV inkjet flatbed printers for POP and bespoke creative printing

The all-in-one mid-range flatbed…

It’s the ultimate platform for printing on rigid, flexible and even roll media, delivering near-photographic quality images across a diverse range of creative print applications. Acuity Select printers feature the latest technology to deliver superb performance and are truly affordable with a range of investment and upgrade options.

Flexible production system

  • Industry leading ink performance delivering strong, vibrant images
  • Print on a broad range of rigid and flexible media, materials and objects
  • Superb print quality with a wide range of creative possibilities
  • Consistent results and reliable performance
  • Low ink consumption and economical cost-in-use

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The Acuity Select series

Around twenty Acuity Advance Select machine configurations are available to meet a wide range of user needs, but the range is built around two main platforms.

Acuity Select 

Up to 35m2/hr output. Up to 8 colour channels, including lights, white and clear options, suitable for a wide range of creative print applications.

Acuity Select HS

Up to 64.2m2/hr output. The most productive Acuity Advance with up to 8 colour channels, including lights, white and clear options, suitable for printers demanding a faster production machine.


Dedicated rigid media handling

Acuity Select printers are designed for flexibility – a full size vacuum table can handle almost any sheet material. It secures rigid and flexible media and holds it perfectly flat for consistent, high quality print across every sheet.


Roll media option

A compact roll-to-roll unit extends the versatility of Acuity Select printers. High quality images can be printed on roll media which look great even at close viewing distances. Quickly change between rigid and roll jobs.

Outstanding print quality

Greyscale variable drop-size printheads, Acuity Select printers produce near-photographic quality images with smooth tonal areas. Dedicated Uvijet inks produce strong, vibrant lightfast colours.

With variable drop-size printheads and highly pigmented inks, Acuity Select printers lay down a thin ink film to minimise production costs.


Productivity and creativity in one machine

There are two sides to Acuity Select printers: You can produce both high quality display graphics and signage on standard materials at higher production speeds, and also high value creative prints with white and clear effects on a diverse range of materials.  Uvijet UV inks provide excellent adhesion to a broad range of materials, so you can choose more interesting things to print on, including PVC, polycarbonate, styrene, acrylic, paper, board, wood, aluminium composite and many other materials.

  • Use clear ink to add impact using a spot or flood clear with uniform finish
  • Use white ink to produce images on transparent or coloured materials
  • Print colour-white-colour in one pass for two-sided images on transparent materials
  • Print stunning backlit images direct to transparent media
  • Acuity Select flatbed printers can print over the same area twice in perfect registration, allowing the ink layer to be built up for textured effects

Compact footprint

Space isn’t a problem. Acuity Select printers are built to fit into the tightest production spaces and their open design give you flexibility in the way you work with media in your workspace.


Zoned vacuum flatbed

The vacuum table is dedicated to rigid media handling. It is a robust worksurface which holds materials perfectly flat for printing with pin-point precision even if you want to print the same sheet more than once.

  • Edge to edge printing
  • Print over the same sheet multiple times with perfect registration
  • 6 dedicated vacuum zones tailored to common media sizes reduces the amount of bed masking required
  • Registration pins
  • Adjustable vacuum strength to provide optimum handling for different materials
  • Simple switching between print modes and materials

Non-stop production with X2

The double size print bed on X2 models has dual registration points which enable you to print at one end whilst setting up at the other, for uninterrupted production. It also enables you to print large images up to 2.5 x 3.05m.