Invest in technology that will grow with your business

Scaleable Architecture design allows for future expansion as business needs change and technology advances

The latest generation of Inca Onset printers use an innovative modular design that gives Onset owners the power to evolve the productivity and colour configuration of their printer to match changing business needs.

By designing Onset with the ability to adapt ink tanks, printheads, UV lamps, automation, speed modes, electronics and software, Inca has set a new versatility standard in high-end flatbed printing.

Onset Scaleable Architecture allows owners to keep pace with new technology developments and maximise their return on investment.

Fits your business today

There are currently 15 different Onset configurations to choose from, enabling you to choose the right model with the ideal performance and price point for your business today.

Fits your business tomorrow

Onset has the power to evolve to fit your changing needs. Whether you need additional productivity, increased image quality or extra versatility with additional colour configurations, Onset can be modified on site to satisfy all.

Maintaining your competitive edge

Every Inca Onset is built on a very robust chassis with robust electronic control systems, software and drive mechanisms, and uses Fujifilm Dimatix Spectra drop-on-demand inkjet printheads. This combination has proven to be the right investment for hundreds of businesses worldwide.

See how Scaleable Architecture works

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