8th February 2017

Onset X: Grupondunova

Packaging pioneer Grupondunova becomes first Spanish company to invest in the Onset X

“The digital packaging world is still in its infancy and so it was very important for us to find a supplier with the ability and willingness to evolve with us. We were looking for a long-term partner rather than just a supplier and we felt that Fujifilm was ideally suited to that role.”



Catalonia, Spain

Fujifilm products:
Onset X1

Type of work:

Early in 2016, Spanish corrugated packaging printer Grupondunova invested in a new Inca Digital Onset X1 press with ClinchTech automation from Fujifilm. The investment formed a key part of a wide ranging strategy to meet the future challenges in the packaging market.

Founded more than 50 years ago, Grupondunova operates out of three production centres in Catalonia, and has enjoyed impressive growth over the last 10 years, despite a recession in the Spanish market.

Says Director General, Jordi Carrió: “The investment in our new Onset X1 is much more than just an investment in a new machine. It represents a whole new business philosophy for the company. We have spent several years surveying our customers’ needs as well as wider market trends, and have identified a growing trend towards customisation and specialised low-volume packaging.

“Having identified this trend we have recently established a new digital packaging business called Wondu, which has been tasked with taking advantage of the increased opportunities in this exciting market. A lengthy period of trials and testing convinced us that the new Onset X printer should sit at the heart of this new business proposition, as it has the performance, quality and speed to ensure we deliver on our promise to our customers.

Following the investment, Wondu is now producing high quality, short run printed packaging, including run-of-one samples. The investment forms part of a group-wide cash injection of 20 million euros, which has allowed the company to develop into an even more competitive and dynamic provider of new and innovative high quality packaging solutions and services to a range of customers across multiple sectors – from food and pharmaceuticals; automotive and personal care; to the chemical and textile industries.

Carrió explains how the company’s Onset X investment is already adding value for customers: “The primary problem of printing high quality corrugated cardboard using our traditional flexo printing presses is that the initial job set up cost remains the same, regardless of run length. With the Onset X, this problem is completely removed, and ultra low volume, high quality packaging becomes both possible and profitable.”

Its first foray into inkjet technology, Carrió and his team were attracted by the balance between productivity and quality that inkjet (and the Onset X Series in particular) could offer, together with the wide range of available extras, such as special ink configurations, automation robotics and the option to scale up the number of ink channels and production output capabilities in the future. “The machine is incredibly robust and adaptable,” says Carrió. “The combination of Inca Digital hardware and Fujifilm inkjet technology has delivered a hugely versatile platform with the potential to reach production speeds of up to 900-1000 m2 per hour, as well as a remarkably user-friendly interface and software package.

“Also, bearing in mind that the digital packaging world is still in its infancy, it was very important for us to find a supplier with the ability and willingness to evolve with us. We were looking for a long-term partner rather than just a supplier and we felt that Fujifilm was ideally suited to that role. From the outset there was a clear understanding from both parties of what our joint goals were and how to best support each other in achieving them.”

Carrió continues: “We’re already printing a range of applications on the machine; and very excitingly, we have just agreed a partnership with an exclusive shoe shop in Barcelona which sells bespoke personalised footwear. The feedback we have received from customers so far has been extremely positive and many of our loyal flexo customers are starting to get very interested in the many possibilities that high quality digital print provides.

“Whatever the future holds for us – we can be certain that in the coming years the digital packaging market is going to continue to grow – so we anticipate a long and positive partnership with Fujifilm as we develop this new business concept together.”

Says Joan Casas, Manager, Graphic Systems (Fujifilm Spain): “We’re delighted to be partnering with Grupondunova on this exciting business venture, and to have been able to provide them with the ideal machine with which to achieve their goals. Our partnership brings together the very best in highly productive, high quality inkjet production with Grupondunova’s phenomenal industry knowledge, to meet the rapidly changing needs of the packaging market.”