2nd April 2018

Jet Press 720S: Paul Hetherington, Art Director

Series of high-end B3 fashion catalogues of ‘extraordinary’ quality printed on Fujifilm’s Jet Press 720S

“I can honestly say that, in my three years of in-depth research into the print industry, the Jet Press 720S is the single most interesting and substantial piece of technology I have come across.”


Paul Hetherington, Art Director (on behalf of fashion label Alyx)


Fujifilm product:
Jet Press 720S

Type of work:
High quality fashion catalogues

Getting noticed

What’s the best way to get a fledging fashion brand noticed? This was the challenge faced by experienced, UK-based art director, Paul Hetherington, and leading fashion photographer, Nick Knight, when they were asked to promote high-fashion streetwear brand, Alyx. The L.A. designer behind this radical label has dressed some of the biggest stars around, including Kanye West and Lady Gaga, but getting noticed in such a crowded field with so many established brands can be a challenge.

The power of print

The main promotional channel today for fashion brands is online, but that medium has become saturated. Recognising this and the fact that there is a renewed interest in print from not only the old guard, but also by a new generation who have only ever known the dominance of the internet, Hetherington set out to identify a print format that would help Alyx stand out from the competition.

In-depth research

“I’ve been doing what I do for 30 years now and I’ve always been interested in the role that print can play in fashion marketing. Around three years ago, when I started working with Alyx, I began seriously researching the print industry.” This research eventually led Hetherington to the Jet Press 720S, which he describes as “the single most interesting and substantial piece of technology” he has come across.


“[The Jet Press] was perfect for my needs for so many reasons: the format size is exactly what I required, the quality is extraordinary and the wider ink colour gamut makes a huge difference, as standard process cmyk can be really disappointing for vibrant fashion colours…. I’m delighted with the results and I would highly recommend the Jet Press 720S to anyone who is looking for a short print run of outstanding quality.”