18th March 2018

Jet Press 720S: La Trama

Start-up digital print business La Trama, established by the founder of Estudios Durero, selects the Fujifilm Jet Press 720S to sit at the heart of its operations

“Fujifilm’s inkjet technology fits perfectly with what we are aiming to achieve here at La Trama. The Jet Press 720S guarantees the quality and allows us to produce customised pieces at competitive prices.”



La Trama

Zamudio, Spain

Fujifilm product:
Jet Press 720S

Type of work:
Magazines, catalogues, brochures, posters and high-end art books

Overcoming challenges

Ander Soriano, Managing Director at Estudios Durero says: “One common problem in the digital printing environment concerns the ability to produce high quality print on a variety of different grades of paper. This hurdle has been removed by the Jet Press 720S, thanks to the Rapid Coagulation Primer that is applied to the paper before printing commences.

“The primer allows us to use natural, untreated paper and delivers outstanding contrast and saturation results. The enhanced contrast and larger colour space, together with the fact that there is no printing blanket and drying is immediate, have been real surprises since we started using the press. Another great advantage of the wide colour gamut is its ability to reproduce many pantone colours, which has allowed us to print true-to-life flat colours.”

Unique quality

Managing Director, López Txarterina says: “With an output of 2,700 sheets per hour, in a constant 50×70 format, we’re delighted with what we’ve been able to achieve. The technology is incredibly robust and allows us to switch between different jobs very easily, eliminating inefficient down-time. The quality is unlike anything we’ve seen before and allows us to get samples produced and sent to the customer in no time at all, demonstrating the high quality output that can be achieved using the Jet Press 720S.”

Impressive prints

Concludes Txarterina: “Achieving uniform, consistent print quality all the time can be difficult, with the appearance of ink bursts, water and colour stability often a problem. With the Jet Press 720S, this problem does not exist and all prints that we have produced have an impressive uniformity that perfectly simulates the impression of flat ink.”