1st March 2017

Jet Press 720S: Impressed Druk en Print

In September 2015 Impressed Druk en Print, based between The Hague and Rotterdam in The Netherlands, became the latest company to invest in the Jet Press 720S B2 inkjet digital press to improve the profitability and turnaround times for its short run print.

“The Jet Press 720S has given us the opportunity to move into new markets. It’s a machine truly designed to deliver short runs profitably, and allows us to offer a range of print products that will lead the market, rather than just following.”



Impressed Druk en Print

Pijnacker, Netherlands

Fujifilm products:
Jet Press 720S

Type of work:
Short-run, creative and personalised print

The second Jet Press 720S installation in The Netherlands, and one of a growing a number of presses installed across Europe in Germany, Austria, Italy and France, has already started to transform Impressed’s business, enabling the company to offer customers a much broader range of short-run, creative and personalised printed products profitably, and without any compromise on quality.

Established 20 years ago, Impressed is a high quality, B2 commercial printer employing 21 staff and has a turnover of 3.7 Million Euros. Until recently, it based all its print production around two B2 Heidelberg offset presses. However, the trend of ever-decreasing run lengths led it to start investigating the possibility of investing in a B2 digital press.

Bas Gravesteijn, Director of the company explains: “With 30% of our run lengths now less than 700, 40% between 700 and 1500, and 30% over 1500, it was clear we could improve the efficiency and profitability of our shorter run work by investing in the Fujifilm Jet Press 720S. In the four months since the installation we have already seen the press play a leading role in helping us to improve our short run print capability, as well as generating a range of new business opportunities.

“The full colour gamut and high quality produced by the Jet Press 720S is really impressing our customers, many of whom are design and advertising agencies for whom the highest quality is critical. The ability of the press to print on a wide variety of both coated and uncoated paper is also a major advantage and gives us huge flexibility in terms of what we can offer our customers. All these features are helping us to differentiate our service offering in a highly competitive market.”

“The Jet Press 720S has also given us the opportunity to move into new markets“ adds Sandra Haket, co-owner of Impressed: “It’s a machine truly designed to deliver short runs profitably, and allows us to offer a range of print products that will lead the market, rather than just following. Fujifilm’s commitment to its customers and its desire to ensure we realise maximum return from our investment has also given us additional confidence in what we believe will be a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”

Mr Gravesteijn says the company is now producing a huge range of products from desktop calendars to brochures at run lengths and a level of quality that would not have been possible previously: “We’re also seeing a growing demand for personalised direct marketing materials, and the Jet Press 720S provides us with the added flexibility we need to meet this demand.”

Impressed’s customers have also been ‘impressed‘: “They love the sharpness and clarity of the colours the Jet Press 720S produces” Mr. Gravesteijn continues, “in fact they’re demanding that more and more of their orders are printed on the Jet Press 720S rather than our existing offset presses. And not just short run jobs either – our customers like the quality produced by the Jet Press 720S so much that we’re seeing lots of opportunities to profitably use it for longer runs as well.”

Aside from the print quality, Mr. Gravesteijn has also been very impressed with the Fujifilm team who installed the press and continue to service and support it. “We’ve built a very strong relationship with Fujifilm in a very short space of time. They listen to us and quickly respond to any questions we have – they seem to relish the challenge of providing fast and effective solutions to any problems that we raise with them. We’ve been very happy indeed with the whole team.”

Sandra Haket concludes “We understand our customers and know that they will be delighted with the quality of print we can now produce cost-effectively at much shorter run lengths, even down to run lengths of one. But we’re also excited about using the press to expand the applications we print. Ultimately, we know we’ve made the right choice and are convinced that inkjet technology is the future for high quality, short run print. This is the first time we have worked with Fujifilm and so far so good – we look forward to developing this relationship over the next few months and years.”