5th March 2017

Jet Press 720S: Emmerson Press

Warwickshire-based Emmerson Press became the first company in the UK to install Fujifilm’s Jet Press 720S after a seamless installation process in April 2016.

“The quality of work this machine is capable of, and the speed with which it delivers, has already impressed one customer – and from their feedback it’s clear it’s going to impress a lot more. “



Warwickshire, UK

Fujifilm products:
Jet Press 720S

Type of work:
High quality, short run, on demand commercial print

Emmerson Press, based in Warwickshire, England, has invested in a Fujifilm Jet Press 720S as a key component of its strategy of investing in advanced technologies that help to create capacity for growth across its business. With the Jet Press 720S investment comes a huge opportunity for Emmerson’s to move into new markets and sign up new customers.

“We’re really excited about the new business opportunities that this investment is going to provide,” says Sales Director John Emmerson. “The improvements in make-ready and turnaround times, the increased capacity, the efficiency savings, and the potential to profitably print bespoke, short-run jobs for high-end customers are all very exciting developments. We’re also excited about all of the extra services this new technology will enable us to offer to existing and new customers.”

Founded in 1981, Emmerson Press has long been at the forefront of the digital print revolution. In 1997 it was among the earliest UK companies to install an Indigo digital press – and having carefully followed developments in the B2 digital inkjet market in recent years, it has again decided to lead the UK digital market by investing in the Jet Press 720S.

Emmerson Press prides itself on the level of quality it delivers producing promotional material for high-end retail customers who demand a level of quality many platforms struggle to deliver. So, for Operations Director, Jamie Emmerson, the quality on offer from the Jet Press 720S was the clincher: “We visited the Fujifilm Advanced Print Technology Centre in Brussels, as well as printers in Germany and the Netherlands in order to see the press in operation,” he says. “What we saw on those visits convinced us that quality of the Jet Press 720S is unrivalled. Without that quality standard we would never have been able to make this investment. Our customers have come to expect an extremely high standard from the work we produce for them and we will never compromise on that. But, with the Jet Press there is no compromise when also considering all the advantages the Jet Press offers in terms of flexibility and efficiency.”

With the press up and running in April 2016, this announcement followed a number of prominent installations across Europe and internationally, confirming the unique benefits a B2 inkjet press provides, and firmly establishing the Jet Press 720S as the undisputed global market leader.

“We’ve been watching developments in B2 digital inkjet very closely for a number of years,” says Nick Fincher, Business Development Director at Emmerson Press. “So we are in no doubt that in the Jet Press 720S, we have now found a machine that can help us grow our business substantially, allowing us to offer our customers the quality they have come to expect from offset, with all the time and cost savings of digital.”

Says Keith Dalton, Director, Fujifilm UK Ltd: “The quality produced by the Jet Press 720S is a match for the best offset can deliver. Add to this its flexibility and efficiency, adaptability to existing production environments and its ability to print on most standard offset papers, and it’s not hard to see why the Jet Press 720S is the leading inkjet press in this field. Fujifilm has devoted many years to perfecting the multiple technologies necessary to make B2 inkjet printing a strong commercial proposition. This press is now able to transform a print business’s production efficiency and profitability, and will help Emmerson Press to grow in the face of a rapidly changing, and often extremely challenging, market.”