Variable data direct mail

The Jet Press 720S features a new barcode system and high powered data servers to print every page on the fly, guaranteeing front and back page matching every time.

Personalised car direct mail

This particular piece of direct mail is a simple 4 page, A4 landscape brochure that demonstrates the ability of the Jet Press 720S to  handle variable data.

The job features a personalised front cover, with variable text and image content on the inside spread tailored to that person. A run length of 1000 copies was printed 2 up on a B2 sheet in just over 23 minutes.

Vital statistics

Paper: Standard offset silk 300gsm
Run length: 1000
Pagination: 4 pages
Imposition: 2 up
Size: A4 297 x 210mm
Total print time: 23.2 minutes