High quality art posters are ideal for the Jet Press 720S, with the wide paper choice (coated and uncoated) and superb quality delivering perfect results time after time.

WaterAid promotional poster

This WaterAid poster was folded and mailed as a promotional tool to highlight what the organisation was achieving in various parts of the world. It was printed on 170 gsm uncoated stock, which made it ideal for the Jet Press 720S, and the run of 500 was printed from start to finish in 24 minutes, with no press make readies and no plates required.  Personalisation of a B2 poster is also easy to achieve with no effect on the total print time.

  • Personalised or versioned posters are easy to print at full production speed
  • Showcases the business model for B2 posters
  • Highlights the quality achievable on uncoated paper

Vital Statistics

Paper (cover): Standard offset uncoated 170gsm
Run length: 500
Pagination: 2 pages (front and back)
Imposition: 1 up
Size: 594 x 420mm
Total print time: 24.2 minutes