With the ability to print on a wide variety of paper, high quality calendars up to B2 in size can be created quickly and easily, with personalisation an added bonus.

Sailing calendar

This larger format calendar was easy to print on the Jet Press 720S. Firstly it was printed collated in page order to simplify the finishing process, and could easily be personalised if required, and for a run length of 100 would have been very inefficient to print on an offset press. Equally, it would have been too large to fit on most digital presses. Finally, the quality and wide colour gamut result in superb, vibrant images.

  • Showcases the business model for large format, high quality calendars
  • Versioned or personalised calendars easy to produce at full production speed
  • Each calendar printed collated, ready for binding
  • Too large for most digital presses
  • No special coating oil normally used on dry or liquid toner presses required
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Vital statistics

Paper (cover): Standard offset silk 300gsm
Paper (text): Standard offset silk 300gsm
Run length: 100
Pagination: 6 pages plus cover
Imposition: 1 up
Size: 460 x 380mm
Total print time: 16.5 minutes