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Thai canmaking company is an inkjet pioneer

One of Thailand’s biggest metal packaging printers, SWAN, has been supplying high-quality printed metal sheets to a wide variety of canmaking customers for more than half a century. The company was one of the first in Asia to recognise the transformative potential of inkjet technology to the metal packaging market and, in late 2019, it […]

Inkjet for commercial printing

Commercial print produced using offset litho technology has set the quality benchmark by which most other print has been measured for some time, but the world of commercial print is changing fast.

Learn how Fujifilm inkjet technology can change the dynamics of your business with ultra-high quality, short run commercial print that can be produced quickly, and be personalised. And see how forward-thinking print companies are using their investment in inkjet technology to create opportunities to create new revenue.

Inkjet for wide format printing

In an industry where inkjet has become an established technology, general quality expectations from print buyers are very high. In order to be more competitive, printers need to find ways to offer new value to their customers.

Learn how Fujifilm inkjet technologies are enabling printers of all sizes to expand their businesses, for example, through the ability to produce higher value creative prints or by offering higher levels of productivity with excellent reliability and uptime.

Inkjet for package printing

In today’s fiercely competitive retail environment, brands and retailers are creating new ways to differentiate themselves in-store. There is now demand for more frequent campaigns, customisation and versioning which can be uneconomical with traditional processes like offset and flexo.

Learn how Fujifilm inkjet technologies are enabling packaging and corrugated display producers to reduce costs for short runs, produce on-demand bespoke work, turn jobs around faster and reduce waste.